Congratulations on joining Dymphna’s iLove Real Estate program

Congratulations on joining Dymphna’s iLove Real Estate program. As part of your enrolment in the program, Dymphna has organised a special bonus to assist you to become “Market and Finance Ready”.

We have a letter from Dymphna hereoutlining why this is so important for you.

Dymphna has chosen the team at WiZDOM to work with her students as she knows we understand her property investing principles. All the WiZDOM Finance Strategists have attended multiple boot camps and are under clear instructions as to the strategies and structures that Dymphna would like all of her students to take advantage of from a finance and asset-protection perspective.

When Dymphna started her property investing journey it took her 6 Months to get Finance and Market-Ready. Dymphna doesn’t want it to take you that long so she suggests that you take the opportunity to have a Finance and Strategy Review so you can get there much faster than she did…

The review will be with one of the WiZDOM Finance Strategists and we will help you put in place Dymphna’s teachings and understand how to ethically and legally get as much money from the banks as possible without putting you at any greater risk. WiZDOM Loans is part of the WiZDOM Group of professionals consisting of Finance Strategists, Accountants, and Financial Advisors that are all like-minded and also fully understand Dymphna’s Asset Protection and Property Strategies.

Get started on the Finance Strategy Review now – Click Here

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you one on one (via phone, online conference or face to face) and complete your Finance Strategy Review. To take up this offer please complete your details and once submitted we will arrange for a Finance Strategist to contact you and schedule your consultation. As you will be providing personal information, a link to our privacy policy can be found below, for your reference.

The team at WiZDOM look forward to partnering with you on your property investing journey.

Privacy Policy

To provide you with broking & related services we will need to collect personal information about you.  Our privacy policy tells you how we collect your information, what we use the information for and who we share the information with. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available here