Authorised Credit Representative (No: 493785 ) of
WiZDOM Loans Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No: 501060)

Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

Diploma of Marketing


Adam began his journey in mortgage broking in 2016 and joined the WiZDOM team in 2022.

Since then he has helped many people get into a better financial position by simply applying the right loan product and structure for each customers needs.

Adam’s most potent motivation and where he derives the most satisfaction is to help his clients achieve their financial dreams through property ownership.

He  is very focused on helping more people achieve even larger goals by working with them on their long term plans, and not just providing a loan for today’s needs.

By doing this Adam helps his clients realise that they can actually build a substantial property portfolio from the ground up.

Adam and his wife Angela are home owners and understand what goes along with that commitment.

Through his hobby of home improvements, something he shares with his young daughter and “helper” Cailin, he is working to uplift the value of the property to provide greater equity and opportunity for his family in the future.

Adam’s real estate journey is well under way and he is looking forward to helping you with yours.

Tel: 0402 419 936