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Sharing the Bank’s Secrets – 11 of 12

WiZDOM Loans Director Andrew Kubenk has prepared a series of 12 videos where he will provide insights into the banks’ secrets

A new episode will issue each fortnight and the topics he will cover are:

1. Being proactive with your bank – ask for a better deal

2. Stop paying loyalty tax – why refinance your mortgage 

3. Why every Bank wants all your business – avoid the bank having control

4. Banks and Tax advice – they don’t go

5. Banks will only ever promote their product or service – is it what you need 

6. Other sources of Money – what are your funding options

7. Not all Bank policies are the same – what works for you 

8. Maximising your borrowing – what the bank won’t tell you

9. Valuations – getting the best outcome

10. Selling a property – do you have to payout a loan and discharge your mortgage  

11. Company Trust lending – what Bank staff  don’t know

12. Income – turning property income into business income 

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